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Glassblowing seminar in Lednicke Rovne

During my Erasmus stay in Bratislava Academy of Fine Arts and Design (VŠVU), I joined the GLASS Studio under mentoship of prof. Patrik Illo. Together with some of the fellow students, I was given a wonderful chance to relize a few projects with blown glass at Stredna odborna škola sklarska, Lednicke Rovne.

A look from the building of Stredna odborna škola sklarska, Lednicke Rovne and factory Rona in the background


After an introductory meeting with the schools hot shop master glass blower, we debated our ideas and planed their realization during the next three days.

But first we were given some thrilling glassblowing lessons… 🙂

Colleague Soňa Halásová on standby

And then… Action! Experiments were dramatic sometimes… Smokey, sweaty and smelly

Experiment of Kristína Ligačová, helped by Jan Barkoci


I felt privileged to watch a skilled glass cutter at work. Perfect curves and calm, learned gestures. I was amazed.

On the second day, my project was realized. It was technically challenging and additianally hampered by communication difficulties. I was forced to operate with a few slovak words I learned so far.

After the first bubble was blown, the second “ponti” (blowing pipe) was added to it and the first one was cut of. The shape was then closed with reheating and pinching together the opening.

Finally we formed the deepening on the newly closed form and layed it in the annealing kiln to cool.

Check out the finalized projects in my portfolio: Cummunication series: monologue and dialogue.

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