The swinging chandelier

January 2019


Technique:         shaped metal, attached glass beads

Size:                    85 x 60 x 50 cm

Mentors:             prof. Rony Plesl & asist. Kara Horačkova (UMPRUM, Prague)


Supported and produced by: Crystal lighting company Wranovsky


The swinging chandelier is an object of fun and decadence. Maria Theresa type of historic chandelier, a symbol of lighting and glass craftsmanship, is adapted in a way that allows party animals and dare-devils to ride it, as we can see it in party or heroic run-away scenes in movies. The setting in the nature of bohemian region was chosen for its role as a cradle of the chandelier making craft.



foto: Anna Pleslova

performer: Jakub Petr