a short film on glass forming and the loss of craft skills


direction & demonstartions of glass forming processes, shot in collaboration with Simon Bregar (dop)

The idea for creating this short film arose during my master studies in Prague. I wanted to share my insightights into the blooming glass community in Czech in relation to my home town in Slovenia, under the hills of Pohorje, where little is left of once equally bussy forest glassworks (glazute/glass-hutten).
Andreja, one of the locals, shared an inspireing story with us. The stream Lobinica, running through the area where the glassworks once stood, kept on bringing glass stones and shards to the valley for years after the glassworks were destroyed. As a kid and throughout ther life, she collected those tiny glass treasures as they are the last silent witnesses of a localy dissapearing knowledge.

Featured on the international festival Glass meet the future 2021 (UK, NY, JP)