The design and happening in collaboration with Wranovsky chandelier company (cz)


Size ∅ 25, H 35 cm

The chandelier project was inspired by Czech New Wave film Daisies (Czech: Sedmikrásky, 1966), directed by Věra Chytilová. It follows two young girls (Jitka Cerhová and Ivana Karbanová), both named Marie, who engage in strange pranks. One of them is swinging on a chandelier while drinking champaigne.

For the project, the enforced chandelier’s structure. was designed and connected to a wheeling, similair to the zip-line systems. It was installed in the forest of Czech north, which is considered the birth-place of chandelier making and where the tradition is still living and evolving.

photo credit: Anna Pleslova
stunt model: Jakub Petr